Social Program

Wednesday, September 10th

  • Guided City Tour
    The historic city center of Oldenburg is definitely is worth a visit: A guided city tour (in German or English) will explain the history and the architecture (duration: about 60 min.)
  • Get Together at Oldenburg Palace (State Museum of Art and Cultural History)
    Oldenburg Palace, the former residence of Count Anton Günther (1583–1667) and the Grand Dukes of Oldenburg until 1918/19, is now home to a museum for art and cultural history. The permanent exhibition “The Cultural History of an Historical Landscape” shows the variety and cultural heritage of the former Grand Duchy Oldenburger Land over the years from the Middle Ages through to the 20th century.
    Our Get Together will take place in the beautiful castle hall.

Thursday, September 11th

  • Conference Dinner at Landhaus Etzhornlandhaus_bild
    Do not forget to order the conference dinner when registering for EnviroInfo 2014:
    Landhaus Etzhorn is famous not only for delicious food and drinks, but also for its sustainability concept: Nearly all products are produced locally and are of organic production. People with diet restrictions (vegetarian/vegan/halal) will also find an exquisite menu.
  • Dinner Talk by Nico Paech
    Niko Paech, adjunct professor at the Carl von Ossietzky University, represents the professorship “Business Administration, Production Management and Environment” since 2008. His research topics include microeconomic theory, environmental economics, consumption theory, climate protection, innovation and diffusion theory, sustainability research, operations research, supply chain management, and post growth economics.

Friday, September 12th