Smart Nord

Chaired by Michael Sonnenschein.

The future electricity supply system will be characterised by large numbers of decentralised producers and storage units in distribution grids. In addition to coordinating power balance, these systems will have to contribute to critical system tasks, especially regarding frequency and voltage control. Currently, these tasks are handled by conventional power plants. The challenges of a continuous substitution of conventional power plants with distributed energy resources are subject to methodical research and development within the Smart Nord interdisciplinary research group. The main objective is to achieve a stable grid operation in future power systems.

“Smart Nord – Smart Grids in Northern Germany” is an interdisciplinary research group comprising four universities and three research institutes: . It is funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture. The objective is to contribute to a coordinated and decentralised supply of active power, control power and reactive power in the distribution grids. An ICT infrastructure including all of the components is a prerequisite for this purpose. The infrastructure relies on agent-based, self-organised control systems and takes security aspects and component interoperability into account. Particular attention is paid to the dynamic aggregation of decentralised consumers, producers and storage systems for a schedule-based provision of active power and ancillary services. The power grid itself is subject to analyses regarding the frequency and voltage stability of these new operating modes. These analyses comprise both the European transmission grid as well as possible micro-grid operations. In addition, a spatial feasibility assessment for the potential of renewable energy systems especially in Lower Saxony is carried out.

This workshop will give researchers, especially PhD candidates in the project group a platform to present actual results of their work and to discuss it with the participants of the conference.

Programm Committee
Sebastian Lehnhoff, Martin Tröschel, Mathias Uslar and Michael Sonnenschein

Workshop schedule

Time Event
15:00 Flickering Events in Wind and Solar Power (Gerald Lohmann, M. Reza Rahimi Tabar, Patrick Milan, Mehrnaz Anvari, Matthias Wächter, Elke Lorenz, Detlev Heinemann and Joachim Peinke)
15:30 Electricity Associations as Marked-based Steering Mechanism and Alternative toFixed Feed-in Tariffs (Sören Christian Meyer and Michael Hans Breitner)
16:00 Aligning IT Architecture Analysis and Security Standards for Smart Grids (Stefanie Schlegel, Christine Rosinger and Mathias Uslar)