Submission deadline for camera-ready papers expires on July 11th.

Submissions can be uploaded to EasyChair under the following link:

All contributed paper submissions will be reviewed. The program committee will notify authors on the acceptance by June 13th May 23rd, 2014. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Submission implies that an author will attend EnviroInfo2014 to present the paper.

Reviewing Process of Conference Contributions

Each contribution to the main conference has to be uploaded into the conference tool EasyChair until May,2nd April, 11th. You can upload either an abstract or a full paper (max. 8 pages). Contributions to the main conference must be written in English.

If you submit an abstract for the reviewing process, it must have at least 2 pages. It can be formatted according to the EnviroInfo 2014  Guidelines and Layout Rules and may be structured by sections, etc., as in the template, but without an extra abstract  of the abstract. Alternatively you can upload a longer version of a usual abstract, which needs not to follow the guidelines strictly. Please upload a MS Word-version of your contribution.

The contribution will be assessed by a peer review of at least three reviewers. Contributions shorter than two pages will be rejected automatically. The program committee chooses the reviewers ensuring that conflicts of interest will be avoided. It will be an open review, so that reviewers may see each other’s  reviews  as far as there are no conflicts of interest.

Final papers – Camera Ready version

After your contribution has been accepted (June 13th), you have to submit a camera ready version of up to 8 pages length until July, 11th. The final paper must be formatted  according to the EnviroInfo 2014  Final Format Guidelines and Layout Rules . Beside the camera-ready paper in MS Word (doc or docx)-format, an abstract of the paper has to be uploaded. The length of the abstract is restricted to 1800 characters (incl. spaces).
The quality of the camera-ready version will also be assessed.

Reviewing Process of workshop contributions

The chair of each workshop is responsible for the deadline of contributions and the reviewing process. Contact the chair of the workshop for specific information.

The camera-ready version of a workshop contribution may have up to 6 pages and must be uploaded at latest at July 18th. It has to be formatted according to the EnviroInfo 2014 FInal Paper Guidelines and Layout Rules.

Students’ papers and Environmental Informatics Prize for Students

For the 12th time the Technical Committee „Informatics for Environmental Protection“ of the German Informatics Society will award the “Environmental Informatics Prize”, sponsored  by  Universität  Hamburg  (http://www.uni‐ ).

The prize is awarded for students’ works in the field of environmental informatics. Such work takes the form of projects undertaken either as part of a course or for a degree (excluding PhD) at an academic university or a university of applied sciences.
The  projects  must  demonstrate  the  contribution  of methods and technologies of informatics to the solution of environmental  problems  or  dissemination of information supporting sustainable development in general.

Students of all subjects from all countries are eligible to participate either as individuals or groups (project teams).

Further information