Program of EnviroInfo 2014

The updated full program is available here.

Press releases (in German language)

Guidelines and Templates for the contribution of final papers

EnviroInfo 2014 Final Paper Guidelines and Layout Rules

There are changes to the former EnviroInfo Guidelines concerning the reference and citation style. It is indispensable that you format your final paper and your workshop contribution according to this guidelines.

  • MS Word Template (.dotx) EnviroInfo2014FinalFormat
    (Copy this document into your word template folder and create a new word document for your final paper using this “user-defined template”.)
  • MS Word example file (.docx) EnviroInfo2014FormatBeispiel
    (You can use this example for your final contribution by replacing the exemplary content by your own content.)
  • Example file (.pdf) EnviroInfoFinalFormatExample

Call for Papers
Call for Workshops

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