Sessions: Smart Grids

Smart Grids 1

Chair: Mathias Uslar
Date: 11.09.2014, 09:30 – 11:00

Time ID Authors Title
09:30 12 Thomas Preisler, Gregor Balthasar, Tim Dethlefs, Wolfgang Renz Scalable Integration of 4GL-Models and Algorithms for massive Smart Grid Simulations and Applications
09:55 13 Tim Dethlefs, Dirk Beewen, Thomas Preisler, Wolfgang Renz A consumer-orientated Architecture for distributed Demand-Side-Optimization
10:20 39 Norman Ihle, Serge Runge, Nico Grundmeier, Claas Meyer-Barlag, Jürgen Appelrath An IT-architecture to support energy efficiency and the usage of flexible loads at a container terminal

Smart Grids 2

Chair: Clemens Düpmeier
Date: 11.09.2014, 11:30 – 13:00

Time ID Authors Title
11:30 26 Christian Hinrichs, Michael Sonnenschein Evaluation Guidelines for Asynchronous Distributed Heuristics in Smart Grid Applications
11:55 29 Christine Rosinger, Mathias Uslar, Jürgen Sauer Using Information Security as a Facet of Trustworthiness for Self-Organizing Agents in Energy Coalition Formation Processes
12:20 57 Weronika Radziszewska, Zbigniew Nahorski Modeling of power consumption in a small microgrids