Sessions: Water Management

Water Management 1

Chair: Ullrich Scheele
Date: 11.09.2014, 09:30 – 11:00

Time ID Authors Title
09:30 48 Kunwar Vikramjeet Notay, Clara Mendoza-Lera, Laura L. Federlei,Frank Molkenthin A coupled subsurface-flow and metabolism model to study the effects of solute fluxes in the hyporheic zone
09:55 55 Kamil Nešetřil, Jan Šembera Groundwater data management system
10:20 126 Jan Studzinski, Marek Kurowski Water network pumps control reducing the energy costs

Water Management 2

Chair: Marcin Stachura
Date: 11.09.2014, 11:30 – 13:00

Time ID Authors Title
11:30 14 Duy Chinh Dinh, Thi Thanh Thuan Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh Tong, Thanh Van Pham, Van Manh Vu Study on the applicability of IFAS model in flood analysis (Pilot at Bang Giang river basin in Cao Bang Province)
11:55 66 Thu H. Trinh, Trung N. Nguyen, Minh H. Le, Manh V. Vu Application of hydrogeological modelling methods in forecasting seawater intrusion of Pleistocene aquifer in Thai Binh area
12:20 30 Adriana Gaudiani, Emilo Luque, Pablo Garcia, Mariano Re, Marcelo Naiouf, Armando De Giusti Computational method for prediction enhancement of a river flood simulation