Sessions: Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting 1

Chair: Giuseppe Procaccianti
Date: 10.09.2014, 11:00 – 13:00

Time ID Authors Title
11:00 61 Brenda Scholtz, Andre Calitz, Jorge Marx Gomez, Franziska Fischer A Comparison of Aproaches to Integrating Sustainability into the Enterprise Architecture of Voluntarily and Mandatorily Reporting Companies
11:25 33 Andreas Solsbach, Ralf Isenmann, Frank Teuteberg, Jorge Marx Gómez Inter-organisational Sustainability Reporting – A harmonized XRBL approach based on GRI G4 XBRL and further Guidelines
11:50 44 Nils Giesen ICT-based Sustainability Planning and Management Support for SME
12:15 142 Jantje Halberstadt, Matthew Johnson Sustainability Management for Startups and Micro-Enterprises: Development of a Sustainability-Quick-Check and Reporting Scheme

Sustainability Reporting 2

Chair: Jantje Halberstadt
Date: 12.09.2014, 09:30 – 11:00

Time ID Authors Title
09:30 21 Albert Hankel, Lisa Oud, Maiko Saan, Patricia Lago A Maturity Model for Green ICT: The Case of the SURF Green ICT Maturity Model
09:55 8 Frank Medel-González, Sebastian Van Vliet, Olaf Roeder, Jorge Marx-Gómez Upgrading Reporting, Communication and Benchmarking Tools of IT-for-Green Project
10:20 31 Meike Cordts, Karsten Uphoff, Barbara Rapp Sustainability training for SMEs