Sessions: Resource and Energy Efficiency

Resource and Energy Efficiency 1

Chair: Jörg Lässig
Date: 12.09.2014, 09:30 – 11:00

Time ID Authors Title
09:30 138 Marc Allan Redecker, Zied Ghrairi, Adnré Decker, Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Karl A. Hribernik An expert system-based approach for energy-efficient processing of natural raw materials
09:55 68 Nico Castelli, Gunnar Stevens, Timo Jakob, Niko Schönau Switch off the light in the living room, please! –Making eco-feedback meaningful through room context information
10:20 62 Niko Schönau, Tobias Schwartz, Timo Jakobi, Nico Castelli, Gunnar Stevens Findings of an Action Research on implementing an Integrated Energy Management in a German SME

Resource and Energy Efficiency 2

Chair: Hans-Knud Arndt
Date: 12.09.2014, 11:30 – 13:00

Time ID Authors Title
11:30 50 Francis Molua Mwambo, Christine Fürst A framework for assessing the energy efficiency of non-mechanised agricultural systems in developing countries
11:55 76 Andreea Tribel, Jan Geffken, Oliver Opel Like! You saved #energy today. Fostering Energy Efficiency in Buildings – The implementation of social media patterns as symbols in Building Management Systems‘ Graphical User Interfaces using Peirce’s semeiosis as a communication concept
12:20 69 Hasti Borgheipour, Narges Kargari, Tabassom Hashemi Farzad CO2 Emission from Vegetable Oil plants Using IPCC Guideline 2006: Iran’s Experience