Sessions: Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy 1

Chair: Christian Hinrichs
Date: 10.09.2014, 11:00 – 13:00

Time ID Authors Title
11:00 60 Sönke Müller, Olaf Büscher, Michael Jandewerth, Torge Steensen Preparation of a Biomass Potential Map
11:25 67 Najd Ouhajjou, Wolfgang Loibl, Stefan Fenz, A Min Tjoa Multi-Actor Urban Energy Planning Support: Building refurbishment & Building-integrated Solar PV
11:50 110 Tatiane Carneiro, Paulo Carvalho Different horizons of the application of Weibull distribution for Wind resource assessment: a case study for the Brazilian Northeast region
12:15 56 Nils André Treiber, Oliver Kramer Wind Power Prediction with Cross-Correlation Weighted Nearest Neighbors

Renewable Energy 2

Chair: Zbigniew Nahorski
Date: 11.09.2014, 17:00 – 18:30

Time ID Authors Title
17:00 79 Wioletta Sokolowska, Jakub Opałka, Tymoteusz Hossa, Witold Abramowicz The quality of weather information for forecasting of intermittent renewable generation
17:25 103 Nils Koldrack GIS-based calculation of the current land use for renewable energy in Germany
17:50 15 Enno Wieben, Thomas Kumm, Matthias Rohr, Michael Stadler, Elke Hohn The 5% Approach as Building Block of an Energy System dominated by Renewables